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One of the best outlets for vintage style is through gorgeous weddings. Here, at The Vintage Herald, we love nothing more than featuring “Big Day’s” that exemplify the timelessness, beauty, and excitement that you can only find with vintage themes.

engagement shoots

We have a huge weakness for couples that “just got for it” and have a vintage themed engagement shoot. It’s one of the best ways to represent your love and appreciation for a different time as well as show your personality as a couple.

vintage lifestyle

Although we live in a time of smart phones, memes, and technology, it’s nice to take a moment to sip a cuppa and appreciate the things that once were. Some may say “old-fashioned” or “out of style,” we say “where do we sign up?”

Our Story

If you’re someone who’s fantasized over Mr. Darcy, dreams of High Tea in Europe, and wants nothing more than to don your best flapper dress and Charleston the night away in the 1920’s, then you are home. There is something so magical about the past, and how we can relate to it in modern times. The Vintage Herald is about showcasing just that. We strive to celebrate the beauty of yesteryear through 21st century lenses. How do we accomplish such a feat you may be asking yourself? Easy – we love to feature YOU! 

If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that there are incredibly creative and passionate people in the world. We want to hear from you and celebrate all that you have to offer. So whether you have a vintage wedding, engagement shoot, a cake that Mary Berry would approve of, or a snazzy dinner party, we want to know about it! Head to our “Contact Us” page and let’s connect. We’d love to feature your big moments and make new friends who appreciate all things vintage.

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