We’ve talked about the beauty of mashups before. The art of combining two seemingly opposite things into one magical outcome is one of our fave talents. So when KC Kreit Photography sent over this 1970’s Victorian tea party, we were the first in line to see it in all of its glory.

According to KC Kreit, “the vision for these Great Falls, Montana bridal portraits was Victorian innocence meets 70’s editorial boho. When I first walked into Feather Your Nest’s new bistro, in historic downtown Great Falls, I immediately saw the idea. With a wall of antique tea sets and and vintage decor throughout the room, I knew that this would be a great place to make make two worlds collide.

And what a great place indeed. We are just obsessed with the wall of antique tea sets (seriously, where can we get one of those???). The 1970’s inspired styling looks right at home in such a demure and delicate environment. This just goes to show you, beauty can come from any era and timelessness is a real thing.



1970’s Victorian Tea Party Mashup





Event Venue: Feather Your Nest//Dress Store: Velvet Bride//Calligraphy: Coffee & Calligraphy// Photographer: KC Kreit Photogaphy

Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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