Today we are suffering from a major case of the Monday blues. The weekend is over and we have a fresh new week ahead of us. For some, that may be a positive push of the reset button. For us (and maybe some of you), it can be a daunting task. But not all hope is lost. We have a sure-fire way of making Mondays seem less drab and more fab. All it takes is calling up one of our handy dandy gal-pals, Lara Hotz, to hit us with a shot of her talent, and we feel instantly better. What she came back with? A fanciful vintage formal wedding of our dreamsssss.



The wedding that we are featuring today is, once again, a hit-you-over-the-head kind of amazing event. The star of this one? Hands down, the spectacular wedding dress and veil. We feel like our bride is a mermaid mixed with a fairy mixed with a princess, or a “merfacess” to the layman. The dress is a beautiful mix of blush and muddled blue while the veil is a gorgeous off-white. Both the dress and the veil are decorated with delicate flowers and dragonflies. Yes, dragonflies. Her accessories perfectly accent her look. The garden vintage invitations complement her fanciful gown and her SJP shoes are to die-for. Seriously, guys, Bradshaw would be proud. They bring out the muted blue color of her dress to perfection.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful St Augustine’s Catholic Church while the reception was at the trendy Elston Room at Carriageworks venue. This provided the perfect unique blank slate for their formal wedding dreams to come alive.

Lara Hotz was able to perfectly capture the love and personality of this couple. Some of these photos look like they belong in an art studio, they are that spectacular. If you’re also having a case of the Mondays, we’d encourage you to take some time and peruse this fabulous wedding. You won’t be disappointed and, hopefully, it will make this upcoming week seem a little less daunting.


Fanciful Vintage Formal Wedding



Photography: Lara Hotz

Ceremony Venue: St Augustine’s Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Elston Room at Carriageworks venue

Shoes: SJP

Perfume: Aerin Rose de Grasse parfum


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