Love is intoxicating… we say to our martinis at the end of a long day. What is it about love that seems to consume us in such a profound way? Let’s be real, it can turn the sanest person psycho-obsessive (hi, Jay Gatsby) or cause deadly wars (we see you Helen and Paris) or even cause cold dead hearts to feel again (get at us Vodka and Vermouth). But regardless of the effect, love will always be the best thing in the entire world. For example, we love vintage inspiration (surprised?) and we love masterfully executed events. Lucky for us, the wedding we have for you today combines both of those things into something truly magical. Our talented friends at Anna Elizabeth Photography sent over this stunning “Vintage Outdoor Woodsy Wedding,” and we’re swooning over every inch of it.

According to Anna, “when Carianne first contacted me, I knew we were a perfect match. Her wedding day vision was something I was so excited to photograph! She is an event planner, so she planned her entire wedding day! They were married in the woods with a gorgeous mantel, ombre candles and a chandelier hanging from the tree! Everything was so whimsical and dreamy. They had a cute cocktail area, and the reception details made my jaw drop! Plus, down the road was an old runway where photos were taken! How awesome is that?! The forecast called for rain, but her wedding day was a mix of sun and clouds. It wasn’t until everyone was inside for the reception that it started down pouring! The rain held off! This is one of those wedding that I will never forget.



Vintage Outdoor Woodsy Wedding





Event Planner: Events by Carianne//Location:Harris Hill//Makeup Artist: Stilettos Hair & Nails//Dress Store: Lovely Bride Designer//Floral Designer:Wild Hues//Design and Decor: Pretty Little Vintage Co.//Photographer: Anna Elizabeth Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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