When you think of a vintage inspired engagement shoot, you normally think of something romantic, feminine, and sweet. We’ve seen the prettiest 1960’s inspired engagements and the most creative classic musical shoots. And, boy, have we adored them all. But today we have something completely unique for your viewing pleasure. Still absolutely vintage, but with way more of an edge. Our friends at We Choose the Moon Photography (WCMP) sent over this hyper cool vintage 1970’s motorcycle engagement shoot, and it’s just as awesome as it sounds.

According to WCMP, even though “Ashley is inspired and usually caught wearing anything Audrey Hepburn would wear, it was important to include one item present during the proposal; Scotty’s motorcycle.” Why you may ask? Well because our gorgeous couple, Ashley + Scotty, got engaged while riding around on the Indiana backroads. They originally met in a magazine writing class in college and after a few weeks were inseparable. When asked what makes their relationship unique? Ashley stated that, “so many things make us special. But honestly we just really love each other. We communicate and compromise well. I heard somewhere that love is half luck and half hard work, and we are incredibly lucky and hardworking.” Sounds like Ashley + Scotty need to teach a relationship class for the rest of us.

These two look so hip and stylish in their motorcycle garb while posing with the vintage bike. You can tell that this hobby is something they love to share together. WCMP told us that they wanted to keep the photography as inspired by the 1970’s theme as they possibly could. Simply stated, they knocked this one out of the park. These images have so much personality and absolutely represent the love that Ashley + Scotty have. It’s always so refreshing to see couples do something totally unique and totally authentic!


Vintage 1970’s Motorcycle Engagement Shoot















Photography: We Choose the Moon Photography

Submission: Two Bright Lights


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