Feeling a little blue? Well, so are we – but not in the way you may think. Planning a wedding can feel like the most daunting task since having to climb the rope in gym. However, a common way to ease that stress is to pick a color scheme you want your big event to be based upon. Once decided, this gives some much needed direction in the absolute hectic world of weddings. To help guide our brides and grooms through this process, we put together a color scheme vision board as inspiration. Today’s color scheme combo is (drumroll please!)… BLUE + WHITE.

The blue and white combination in a vintage setting seems to be a match made in heaven. Perhaps, it comes from our familiarity with the ever-classic blue and white ceramic china or 18th Century Style. Regardless, it never fails to create a vibe of elegance, class, refinement, and beauty. We imagine the bride who gravitates towards this color combination would appreciate the fine things in life and have delicate taste.  Can’t you just see her now… sitting on her terrace drinking a cup of tea in fine china wearing a luxurious gown (oh wait am I just looking in a mirror)? This marries well with the air of Georgian Period sophistication and opulence that this color scheme emotes.

If you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can envision a summer wedding in the garden of a historic B&B (or chateau if you’re cooler than us) with the following accoutrements:


Blue + White Color Scheme Inspiration Images

Blue and White color scheme Bridal Bouquet


Blue and White color scheme Vintage Wedding Invitations

Image Credit: Catherine Gratwicke


Blue and White color scheme Vintage Wedding Table Scape

Image Credit: Artiese Studios




Blue and White color scheme printed macrons and cakes for weddings

Image Credit: Catherine Gratwicke


Blue color scheme formal purse with crystal detail for wedding or event

Image Credit: Nordstrom


Blue color scheme jeweled formal flat wedding

Image Credit: Nordstrom


Marie Antoinette Blue color scheme vintage choker necklace

Image Credit: Nordstrom


How’s that for a little color inspiration? In our opinion, you can’t really go wrong with this palette. Not only will your wedding be so gorgeous Marie Antoinette would be jealous, but you won’t have to worry about your “something blue.”

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